The Worth of Using Art For Successful Manufacturing

Achieving Large Goals Requires Achieving Small Goals First

The cost of starting a business varies, but for most manufacturing, the cost is far more than one person typically can afford. The question arises: How can I get this enormous enterprise off the ground without the capital resources available?

Vision is the fuel.

Whether getting friends together for a party or connecting with potential investors, one’s time is the most valuable asset owned and all at their core know this fact. Through our vision of what can be we drive forward and advertise this to others that may benefit from our proposal, somehow. We are transferring our vision of their future–to them. If successful, they then climb on board and come over to our house party or invest their hard-earned fortune.

Start simple.

One of the greatest drives for success is a sense of prior success. Like a piano, the pursuit of success can be very challenging. Starting with simple songs and perfecting them leads us to wish for higher musical mountains to climb. The same is true with manufacturing. Choosing something financially small is often the greatest tool in the process of building something big.

The correlation of time and quality.

“I’m no artist.” How often that phrase has been used. One wonders how often those who say this actually put effort into the creation of artwork as they do their day job. What would happen if that same person put the same amount of time into their  artwork as they do at their primary job? Those who achieve in one area of life often achieve in other areas. The drive for achieving, for these souls, is larger than the hole in their finances. People with drive find a way to make the impossible, possible. In every case of success time was spent without concern for running out–spent like there is no tomorrow.

Always strive for perfection.

Imagine taking this advice: grab a canvas, brush and paint, and paint a small scene. Put a lot of time into it. Examine it and keep what’s good while painting over what is bad. Repeat the process until there is nothing more to fix. Then start a more complex painting. This is the basis for all manufacturing. That’s right–painting IS manufacturing and as a industry of manufacturing, painting is near-to-the-least expensive. What have you to lose?

Visions are built on confidence.

Confidence is built on improving failures. Starting small, fixing issues and choosing greater challenges is the cornerstone of building manufacturing success. Think of painting imagery when laying out your vision of success in business and perhaps, along with confidence, you will acquire a tool to communicate your vision to investors –drawing your idea in a dynamic layout.

Remember–always think big.–and know you can make it happen!

Nothing of value is without cost. Having a true assessment of the time to finish a project is a difficult skill to obtain. It requires practice. This means one needs many projects seen through to completion to sense what role time plays. Here again, the creation of artwork is a fabulous tool to practice time management in an arena where financial costs are at their lowest. Thinking big is a joy in life. Getting to where we create big simply requires baby steps along the way. Painting can be that baby step that gives you confidence the impossible is possible and the best part is–no one did it but you. Now that’s a recipe for confidence!