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“I…admire the historical accuracy and detail of Ahab and the Whale and the USS Constitution.”
George Reid, MSP, former Deputy Presiding Officer, Scottish Parliament, Scotland



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American Homestead

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Cozumel Park 300dpi


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Imagery  7

Niagara Mist Puzzle


“Governor Bush asked that I respond to your letter of November 14th…Your work is certainly outstanding, capturing an enticing rhythm, rich in color, texture and visual imagery. We would like to keep your information on file should the Governor, Senate President or Speaker of the House have future needs for a historical painter.”

Sandy Shaughnessy, Arts Administrator, State of Florida, Department of State, Division of Cultural Affairs


Imagery  8

Balloons in Flight 72

Imagery  9

Vigilant11 x 13 300

Imagery  10

Istria 11 x 13 300

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Imagery  12

Building in Park Final

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Imagery 14

Ogelby Swans


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