Imagery  1

CM Full Image sm 2018

CM Cropped Image

Brown Horse 1

Charriot Detail



“You are an extremely gifted artist, and I commend you for using your paintings as a tool to commemorate significant historical events.”
Rod Blagojevich, former Governor of Illinois


Imagery  2

Lord of the Skies 72

Imagery  3

In Rememberance 4

Imagery  4

Washington and Troops

Imagery  5

Washington Portrait



“Dear Michael, we want to thank you very much for your generous contribution to our Fairlawn, Ohio VFW Post 349 of your beautiful Abraham Lincoln painting.

The painting will be proudly displayed at all our meetings and functions as we did at the Fairlawn Memorial Day Service this year. A work of art such as this deserves to be widely viewed and we would be honored to help you distribute prints throughout the veteran’s community and the Veterans Administration facilities.

We wish you continued success in you future endeavors. We have no doubt that an artist of your caliber will go far and we appreciate you channeling those talents to honor our veteran community.”

VFW Post 349, Fairlawn, Ohio members, signed by: Bruce Killian, Commander Randolph Baxter, Sr. Vice Commander William Reuscher, Quartermaster Harry, Schwab, Legal Advocate Harry Donovan, Trustee Jay Musson, Trustee



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Lincoln Sketched Enemy

Imagery  7

Important Addresses Sepia no border


Imagery  8

In the Age of Pirates Group

Imagery  9

Solomon Blade Never Quit

Imagery  10

In the Age of Pirates Ship 1


Imagery  11

Constitution HR

Constitution Sails

Oil Main Image

Right Side Constitution Detail

Imagery  12

Gun Deck Large 2

IMG_3517Jeff Detail



You need a style?  330-634-6011



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Ahab Real HiRes

Jeff and Tim Detail

Ahab Body Detail

Imagery  14

Battle of the Nile 1

Oil2 Main Image

Imagery  15

Vanguard 2

Vanguard 2 Stern

Imagery  16

Vanguard 3

Vanguard 3 Stern Detail

Imagery  17

Vanguard 4

Vanguard 4 Left Side



“I do want you to know, Mr. McFarland, that I appreciate having the chance to admire the stunning attention to detail in your own work. Just staring at the “Battle of the Nile“ for a few seconds makes me ponder how this finished work could have ever started out … as just a blank canvas.”
Kathleen Sebelius, former Governor, state of Kansas



Imagery  18

A Civil War Mother

A Civil War Mother detail.jpg

Imagery  19

General Grant Final

Imagery  20

Lincoln with Ribbon Duotone no type

Lincoln Ribbon detail

Imagery  21

Lincoln Portrait

Lincoln Tight Crop

Imagery  22

General Lee

Imagery  23

The North and the South detail 300

Imagery  24

The Wall

The Wall right

Imagery  25

Lincoln with Wounded

Eternal Gratitude detail


Imagery  26

Whispering Heroes 11 x 14 72

Imagery  27

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