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“Your professionalism and talent are well-represented in your paintings.”
Linda Lingle, former Governor of Hawaii


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The Shackles of My Maker.jpg

Imagery  8

Framed Bogle Gift Cropped

Imagery  9

Horse Study 1

Imagery  10

CM Horse Sketch

Imagery  11

Jim Morrison

Detail pastel from original photo by Joel Brodsky.

Imagery  12

Billiard Balls

Imagery  13

Liberty Cropped and Compressed

Imagery  14

After the Victory

Imagery  15

C Guard Boat

Imagery  16

Sempre Fidelis.jpg

Imagery  17

Pride of the USA 11x14.jpg

Imagery  18

The Lonely Maiden Sailing to Cinnabar

Imagery  19

Lonely Maiden at Cinnabar reworked

Imagery  20

Left Side 1 adjusted

Sample of Left and Right Side

Imagery  21

Woman of the Shadows cropped

Imagery  22

Caswell Full


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